Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dentally exhausted!

I have never been one of those "ooooh, look at my just polished teeth!" kind of dental patients. I'm more of a "Maybe I'll smile tomorrow when the swelling and bleeding have diminished" kind of gal. I also have the added bonus of TMJ, so the aftereffects of having someone rest their wrists on my lower jaw for part of my day, are pain that should be reserved for serious dental work. Sometimes I can overlook how much I dislike the dental hygienist's weapons of choice, and just try to enjoy the reclining chair. Not today! I was not looking forward to my appointment because it was with someone new (I believe I have mentioned my fear/dislike of change?).

The kids and I had finally found a hygienist we could almost look forward to seeing twice a year. No ouchies during, or after cleaning! I admit there were a couple of times that I came home and, upon inspection, might have realized that my problem areas were still not fabulous. However, the lack of pain kept me happy! She even seemed to accept the fact that I was not going to win any flossing awards...hell, I might not even enter the contest most years.

When I brought the kids for their cleanings two months ago, and asked when my appointment was, I was informed that I hadn't made one. Uh-oh! Reflecting on my flossing deficit and candy eating surplus, I decided it would be wise to take a "first available" appointment. (Yes, I do always wonder WHY those people have availability--same with some doctors--but, hey!)

She was a very nice person who certainly did what she could to accommodate a woman in a hurry who had a screaming sinus headache (no love for the reclining chair!). She was also very diligent in her efforts to eradicate my mouth of plaque. I cannot hold that against her now, but in the moment, considered trying to slice her index finger with a piece of dental floss. She asked me if there was usually a lot of bleeding when I had my cleanings. I really wish I had thought to scream "NO--Why? What's happening?", and pretended to pass out. Rats!

She emphasized the importance of flossing, asking if I tried. Really? We're going there? She did recognize my crowded teeth (I think her getting the floss stuck and having to pull it out by its end was a giveaway--ewwwwww, sorry!), and told the dentist I had trouble flossing. The dentist (who we've gone to for over seven years) just looked at us like "yeah, right--it's too difficult for her". She the dentist said something about mineral deposits...more likely to form on some people's teeth...genetic. In other words a "get out of flossing free" card, I figure. No need to comment on my fuzzy logic! Luckily the Advil hasn't worn off completely yet, and I think my jaw will be ok to finish up the Milk Way egg I've been working on this afternoon. What? Did I forget to mention that I didn't have any cavities?!?


  1. My favorite tales from the dentist:

    They pretty consistently tell me I have a small mouth. This is completely contradictory to statements from everyone else I know. :)

    I did not go to the dentist at all from age 16 to age 31. When I went in, the hygienist indicated that she could tell I'd been diligent about cleanings every 6 months because there wasn't much for her to do. She nearly fell of her rolly stool when I said it had been almost 16 YEARS since my last cleaning.

    True tales!

  2. Geesh--and here they suggest I come 3 times a year! You are a dental marvel!!! And proof that some things are what they are!!!