Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Return of the Random

It sure is dusty here, and so many cobwebs! Let's see if we can spruce up the place a little. No, obviously I don't have a new header or fancy graphic for Tuesdays, nothing that crazy, but maybe some words and photos thrown around will work. At the very least, I can clear up some storage space on my phone. I do appear to be at the correct location...
Oh, now I definitely know this is the right spot, but what is going on here...

 ...creepy monkeys have added sloths to their band of finger grabbing monsters! Yikes! 

Here is something that you might be relieved to know...

 ...unless you weren't part of that "popular demand". Maybe you were concerned with other issues...
 ...no need to say specifically what every one of them was. Have you been trying to cut down on the amount of paper used, by emailing people? Have you then been trying to find the perfect paper to print out those emails on?
 "Ideal", or kind of dum?
Every single one of these flavors makes me want a lollipop less, but the actual item they claim to mimic the flavor of far more! (Plus, cream soda dum-dums rule!) In other candy identity crisis news...
 ...don't ask, because I don't know! In a complete departure from "sweet heat"...
 ...as opposed to the name brand "Supremely Spicy" hummus, this one boasts to be "Significantly" so. It was far beyond that!

To wrap up this random, I have to share this photo of the women sitting near us at the Imagine Dragons concert.
Those are lyric sheets she is flipping through. Props to her for making the effort! It was an amazing night.


  1. glad to find the random place. Are you sure they were lyric sheets and not golf scores?

  2. I assumed the creepy monkeys were some kind of Teletubbies ripoff.

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