Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Honest random

The songs may have finally left my head, but shhhhhh...they could come back at any moment. In fact there is a mix tape clamoring to be written about - in due time my eighties friend. 

What has been going on, and how have I been keeping busy trying to ward off the "holy crap my daughter is graduating in less than six weeks" spiral of anxiety? Well, I did a little waiting room material reading...
Maybe the honesty about the herpes is easier to take than the "physically fit" request?

I went to pick up my son at college for summer break, and apparently arrived just in time, as this is what their sustenance was deteriorating to...
Enough with your identity crisis, Oreo...enough!

Here is one from an on the road scout...
So are they residential plumbers, or is that a mobile gastroenterologist unit? A porto-potty for butt-clenched drivers? Such possibility!


  1. I can only imagine what those Oreo's smell like when you open the package.

  2. kettlecorn oreos is wrong. I'm a purist - regular old original are in my house. Your other observations are hilarious.

  3. I agree Oreo's needs to stop! The last 3 flavor's are gross. And that van what the heck!!

  4. What the heck is the last photo? I don't understand!!!!

  5. But I LOVE kettle corn! I'd be willing to try these... The next time I need a professional pooper, I know who to call.

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