Friday, September 8, 2017

Another pastability

Hey Foz, didn't you tell people just last week that ziti was an easy pasta shape for you to eat?

I feel like this is a trap, but I might have mentioned such a thing.

What's that you have going on there?
A bad toss...go away! But please help me first?


  1. Buah ha ha ! Poor Foz! The little dud deserves a platter of pasta!

  2. hahahaha I think you need to make Foz some mac n cheese. Or as I call it, 'roodles mitt chee'. lol

  3. Oh, Foz. Such a problem. Penelope ate most of a napkin yesterday. I wiped my mouth on it and left it in a chair while I got more water to drink. I guess the food on it smelled good (I'm a messy eater). She seems to have digested it without any problem.