Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Just a touch of [creepy] random

Here we are again, trying to keep up with the random at the very least. (Foz would like to add that he is not pleased. I would like to add that, in addition to peeing on the floor daily, he doesn't know what day of the week it is...like ever!) I admit, it took something pretty worthwhile to get me to put aside my laundry folding and ebay auction checking. Where to begin?! Let's just start right at the top...
Sadly that shelf tag was there to confirm my fear of what this item was. "Emoji Poop Jelly Fishy"? Oh. Hell. No. Too far emoji, TOO FAR! It really swims? "Poo!" A "pet"? Make it stop!!!!! Just what is the lifelike movement for a pile of poop? This whole thing is more that a "lil' fishy". I need something to calm me down and find my happy place.
CREEPY MONKEYS OF A CERAMIC VARIETY?!?! No wisps of lifelike hair? And here I thought that was the creepy feature. Nope. For $245 I will come hold your packets of sugar, brew the coffee, stir it AND make you some breakfast to go with. I just can't even! That little one is having horribly devious thoughts, I can just tell. I'll be rocking in the corner if you need me.


  1. Are there actually consumers buying this crap!?
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  2. Those poop emojis are so popular. My DIL loves them. She would probably get that for a bathtoy for Dale.

  3. A little too Planet of the Apes if you ask me.

  4. Wow. Toy Poo. I am shocked. And $13 for this disgustingess.

    The monkeys only prove that the loveliness of something and the cost of something don't necessarily mesh. After all, there are some really pretty weeds that are free.

  5. Poop fish emoji? Ugly monkeys? Just kill me now and end it all.


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  7. sorry - we do not need creepy pooh emoji in the pool. And creepy monkey - NOOOOOOO

    funny post!

  8. A little too Planet of the Apes if you ask me.