Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Random reassurance?

Maybe if there was some sort of sign that things are going to be okay, the world wouldn't feel like such a crazy and scary place. How does that work though? I mean do we go out looking for signs, or sit quietly on the porch eating peanut m&m's to soothe ourselves while we wait? Hmm...maybe the trick is to just keep our eyes open and minds alert at all times so we don't miss anyth.......
OH SWEET CREEPY MONKEY!!! In real life!!! As in, I could have reached out to touch it, if I hadn't been so terrified. Jumping, singing AND on clearance (with a hefty price tag still, I must say). I know this was a sign, but have yet to determine the tone of the message. Seriously, don't look directly into his eyes.