Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A bit randy

Well would you look at this, some photos just hanging around waiting for words to make them seem more post-like. This seems like a level of writing I can manage!

Things were pretty crazy around here (or so I thought). Despite my grandiose efforts to ward off the barn swallows to protect the robin's nest, team feathers had other issues. A mourning dove took over the nest, and...
...I was super excited, until three days later when the nest was completely empty. Egg nappers! Eek!

There was also a high level of concern inside the house as my husband's cereal inventory plummeted to a never before seen low!
If you've been hanging around here for any amount of time, you are certainly alarmed as well. If you are new here, this is not unusual...
Back to the other photo...Those crispy oats on the left are actually Fozzie's. The husband's  green candy bin looks a little sparse too, but I could have shared if necessary (per my own discretion as to how that would be defined...the "necessary" and the "sharing").

And then of course, I had this on my mind...
...Over qualified? Under qualified? References?


  1. Use the money from dancing to buy as many boxes of cereal as you can fit in the pantry!

  2. Well sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to keep cereal on the shelves.......OMG too funny.

  3. Our cereal supply is dangerously low as well.
    I feel like it's a summer thing around here.
    I need some extra cash, think I will apply for the job.

  4. cereal can go stale quicker in the summer. I think you are smart to keep the supply low. Maybe he should dance for cereal treats??

  5. I had a Swedish Ivy plant I would hang outside in the spring and summer, and every year, a family of robins would build a nest and lay eggs in it. I love watching the babies grow up.

    Our cereal supply is getting rather low, too, but we never really have more than two boxes at a time.

  6. Bummer on the egg snatchers. Umm...yeah...good luck at the dance party...lol!

  7. Wow he has more cereal than Seinfeld. Or did. Better restock that stash! I love cereal but it's so expensive.

  8. What happened to the cereal stock?!