Tuesday, July 28, 2015

An order of random, heavy on the photos!

We were on vacation in Cape Cod! If I had known what day it was at any point last week, I might have posted some of these last Tuesday.

The fishing was a little…

…well those fish are just little, and perhaps one has just a touch of the rigor mortis, but that didn't cause us to make waves...

(Seriously though, where were the waves that day?)

We tried not to be crabby…

(Clearly we embarrassed him.)
…even though some things were bugging us.
(One of my many kills, as I have never seen the green heads out in such force.)
I learned how to take panoramic photos on my phone. This does not serve as proof of that.

Flat Lillian and Flat Kari were there!
  We had treats!
Black raspberry chocolate chip yogurt…yummmm
Onion rings!
 We could barely share our onion rings with each other, let alone this intrusive seagull!
Maybe he could go find some Twizzlers like his friend did…mmm, Twizzlers!

My new favorite sign!

The day after we returned home from Cape Cod, we shuffled off to Buffalo for an overnight. Suffice to say, the re-entry into whatever the current state of normal is here at home has me moving at a pace much like this one...
(My husband found this guy in his mother's yard. The rare Buffalo Snail?)

Stacy Uncorked


  1. Sounds like a nice little getaway. That crab looked really crabby. Lol

  2. Love seeing your pics of my region! My friends go to a specific part of Town Neck Beach in Sandwich and they have a seagull that has made himself quite at home, hanging around and then attempting to eat everyone's food when they leave to use the water. He dragged a sandwich out last year and devoured it. My dad once had one pluck a sandwich right out of his hand when we were at an outdoor restaurant. lol Don't you love those snail shells? I have them in my yard too. I was really expecting you to make a shark joke or comment on the pic of them on those boards. Not sure what side you were on, but there have been frequent sightings in Chatham & on the Bay side.

  3. That yogurt looks great. Now I want some.


  4. Oh my goodness, those were FISH? No wonder the seagull wants Twizzlers. Looks like a perfect getaway. Not crowded, yummy eats, flat friends. Who could ask for anything more?

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  6. We were there!!!
    I hope we got to taste some of that ice cream.
    And the o rings.
    It looks like such a fun time, I wish real me could have been there.

  7. A good time was had by all, it sounds like! I didn't really get any sort of a vacation this summer, so I'm glad that you shared yours with me via pictures. I got to live vicariously!