Thursday, November 18, 2010

The moment passed

Well, I am over my elation at reaching the halfway point of November and my Nano. I went from "Yahoo, I can do it", to "Uh-ph, what if I don't finish?" I know the real answer is that it doesn't matter to the universe if I finish or not, but I would be disappointed....and it is all about me isn't it? Oh no wait, maybe it's just me!

Also, I have been battling some sort of sinus nasty for almost a week, and my spirits are sinking so low that my new bra can't even lift them. I actually ran out of good lounging pajamas today, as that has been most of my wardrobe. Then, to top it all off, I missed a day of writing, and in an attempt to jump back in today, found myself writing about my fear of froads (frogs and toads--as if I get close enough to really know the difference!) I suppose having each of my children take turns being home with me for the past two days did a lot for me creatively.

Calgon--take me away, but can you bring dinner? Oh, and a laptop for me to use!

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