Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What's the Deal?

When my daughter and I returned from soccer practice last night, there were some Walgreens bags on the kitchen counter. I was only slightly dismayed that things were muck-a-lucking up my counter, as I was sure the bags were filled with useful items. I also realized that this meant that the men had probably gone for a bike ride, and was pleased at the notion that another hour of eye-burning electronics had not taken place...fresh air and male bonding!

Then I looked in the bags...9 bags of licorice: twists, bites, and pull & peel (I don't even know why I am qualifying this). Um...excuse me? I thought I had splurged a little bit the other day when I bought ONE bag of cherry bites for the snack shack (supplies were actually getting low...and I was actually relieved). I inquired as to what was going on-assuming they were a gift. Nope...Mr Sweet Tooth said they were on sale. I really couldn't fathom what kind of sale warranted more than four bags. Did I miss a new study deeming cherry Twizzlers to contain more antioxidants than blueberries?

I mentioned that it added insult to injury that he left his bags of unnecessary goods on the kitchen counter, that I apparently LIVE to clear off. That is when I was told that the licorice was three for $4.00 and with that purchase he got $10.00 off his next purchase (which I suppose I should be grateful wasn't nine more bags of licorice). He couldn't even blame it on the boy child because he was waiting outside the store, where he kept busy by falling off his bike and having the pedal eat part of his calf.

There were also two boxes of granola bars that he bought for himself. That information was provided when I asked why additional granola bars were being added to our collection of uneaten ones. They were the kind he liked and he was bringing them to work. As some sort of a compromise, he told me to pick out five bags of licorice to keep at home and he'd bring some to work. OK. I got the sense that his feelings were hurt that I was not more appreciative of his financial wizardry regarding the acquisition of an early Halloween. My feelings were a little hurt by his suggestion that I wasn't buying enough teeth rot in my weekly Wegmans run (nor do I select the appropriate Nature Valley goodness).

I maintain that spending $12.00 on something, you don't need, to get $10.oo off your next purchase, in a store we don't purchase much at, is fuzzy logic. Maybe it's just me...and now I feel like a hypocrite if I give in to the cherry Twizzler bites craving I've got brewing!!!! Thank goodness I bought a bag of those myself...might have to move them to my sock drawer if I intend for them to last long enough to prove a stubborn point!

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