Sunday, April 7, 2013

Random reorganization!

Hey! It's Sunday, not Tuesday, but this is where the random will be landing this month to accommodate my a-z challenge schedule. Does this give the illusion that I am an organized being with a plan? Yes? Good. Let's see what those fabulous eighties earworms shoved to the back of my mind when they took over...

We stopped at a NYS Thruway rest stop to use the facilities and grab some grub. Little did I know that small electronics emergencies could be tended to there as well. Seriously? Vending machines aren't just for Clark bars anymore?

I considered taking a quick bath in the Grand Central Station restroom sink, but luckily I saw this sign first. Phew!

The banner announcing that the church's gift shop was open just wasn't enough, yet I am still curious as to what they were selling...autographed missalettes? My son comforted me by saying that Jesus did ask people to follow him.

Not sure where to put your spare change? My niece's toes work, but I cannot provide a reasonable explanation for why I felt compelled to do this.

Hope Stacy doesn't mind latecomers...or maybe she will think I am early for this coming week!


  1. Hahahaha! Now why Andrea, why would you do that to your poor niece?

    And I wonder what else people were trying besides their hands?? I shudder to think. :)

  2. Love your son's comment! I wonder what Jesus' "handle" would've been???

  3. " hands only" is a little disturbing. Oh, and money toes?? Really?? Lol

  4. I'm having fun imagining what Jesus's tweets would be.

  5. OMG....that sign makes me want to hurl....really? New Yorkers have to be told such things? I remember those rest stops when we were in upstate NY last summer....they had Starbucks in them! We don't have anything like that here in Alabama....only lots of pine trees.....

    I would really appreciate some Tweets from Jesus right now....

  6. AHAHAHAHAHA! You crack me up! Putting change between your niece's toes - you did let her keep the change, right? RIGHT?! :)

    A Best Buy vending machine? Now I've seen everything! Well, you have. ;)

    And I'm cracking up over your son pointing out that Jesus wants to be followed on Facebook and Twitter. ;)

    Early, late - anytime is fine with me! I love having you get random! :)

    Monday Madness saved by Twitter Honor, Menopausal Mother Nature and Doppelgänger Fun: Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel

  7. Ewwww. That sign conjurs images. Not very pretty or sanitary images. Yuck!