Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Z is for...

One last exception...Angsty 80's songs, from the soundtrack of my life, is my theme for the A-Z challenge this year.

Angst can be defined as "a feeling of anxiety, apprehension or insecurity". After twenty-five letters, I am getting to the crux of it. I am closing out the challenge by making an exception for the group that was playing in the background for a decent portion of my first couple of official teenage years.

I had been a pretty simple girl as far as my taste in music was concerned. Billy Joel was a big favorite, and I was starting to dabble in Top 40 hits. The advent of MTV gave me insight into all sorts of new music, as well as a new reason to sit in front of the television for ridiculously long periods of time. In the spring of 1983, the cool kids were almost close enough for me to reach...and they were listening to Led Zeppelin. As a result, I was listening to Led Zeppelin. I bought nearly every album, in an attempt to expand my repertoire beyond Stairway to Heaven, and made sure to have the appropriate scribblings on all of my folders and brown paper bag book covers.

The boy I started dating at that time introduced me to a beautiful song, off of Led Zeppelin II. It was a sort of Led Zep for newbies sweet ballad. It became our song. I still have my second copy of the album. (The first copy fell victim to some sort of teenage girl meltdown and ended up in two pieces.) Here it is...Thank you

I have enjoyed putting this puzzle of songs together in an attempt to capture the angst of a particular decade, and appreciate all of you who have stopped by to sing along! 

**A special shout out to Misty, who helped to keep me going from letter L on by messaging with me on facebook every day trying to guess the next day's song. She even managed to understand that I didn't develop an appreciation for U2 until the nineties. I hope we can find something to talk about today...I can't live With or Without You, and hope you're with me When It's Over**


  1. Good song. Led Zepplin is one of those groups who I can only name off a few of their songs. But if I heard them play, I'd recognize a lot of them. I was probably just too young when they were big, but their name has stuck around a long time.

    A few months ago we went to a Bob Seger and Kid Rock concert. I'm not necessarily 'fans' of either. Don't buy their music, but it made me feel old that I knew more of Bob Seger's songs than Kid Rock. And even though HE was old, I still liked seeing him better.

    Kid Rock puts on a good show, but I just like Bob's music better.

  2. Love me some Zeppelin! You did an amazing job on this, and as we're about the same age, guessing from your songs, it's been a walk down memory lane for me as well. Thanks for being such an awesome minion, and for all your timely help.
    Tina @ Life is Good
    Co-host, April 2013 A-Z Challenge Blog
    @TinaLifeisGood, #atozchallenge

  3. Zeppelin.


    Immigrant Song.

    Communication Breakdown.


    Great way to end the challenge.

    I was going to tell you about the Zombie Rabbit Award but you've already stopped by this morning!

    Thanks so much for a great theme!


  4. I remember when John Bonham died--oh the lamentation over that sad day. But when you listen to songs like 'When the Levy Breaks', you can completely understand why the rest of Led Zeppelin always said that John was the heart of the group. Zeppelin's music has just improved over time!

  5. You know I love this song. And after we spoke, I thought of another that holds a special place . . . You're Time is Gonna Come. Talk about angst!! It was so fitting for me, as well. :)

    You made it through!! Congrats. So proud of you, and this is a great list that really defines a very specific time and place in your life. Really well done, Andrea!

    But wait, what's this now? You mean that you still expect me to speak to you after this long and arduous road? I mean, what will I guess? How will I feel brilliant and/or pathetic? And are there any words actually LEFT after this whole thing? Many questions to ponder . . . I guess we'll have to talk about it later. ;)

  6. Awesome choice for Z...really, could there be any other choice?

  7. Brilliant choice to end the challenge with. I've loved every minute of this trip down memory lane, as well as the stories of angst woven in with the lyrics. I'm really gonna miss these posts. :)

  8. How is it Andrea, that I have not been following this blog of yours? You have great taste in classic tunes! Good for me that I haven't been reading for the whole challenge and have twenty sis tunes to listen to!



  9. LOL At least U2 earned a footnote, LMAO!!!! And Bono is buds with W!!!! I saw that on Fox News....who'd a thunk it....

    But I digress.....ah, Led Zeppelin.... Most guys think that Kashmir is the perfect make out song.....but it always made me want to run away....

    I have enjoyed your A-Z challenge SOOOOOO much, my friend. It has been a nice distraction from all the stuff that's been annoying me in my life! :D

    Thank-you. Seriously. From the bottom of my Mama Bear heart.....


  10. And...a final...hand up sista'...you did it! I have so enjoyed reliving some fantastic times! Thank YOU.

  11. Can't beat a blog talking about Zeppelin. Thanks for stopping by GirlZombieAuthors

  12. Gotta love some Zeppelin. :) I have loved your challenge topic this month! What wonderful posts and great stories to go with each song. It has been so great to meet you. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog throughout the month!!! 'chat' at you soon :)

  13. yay!! you completed your challenge!!congratulations!! I really did enjoy yours posts!

  14. A beautiful way to finish up the A-Z with a little romance and a little Zeppelin! Congratulations on completing the A-Z challenge!!


  15. Girlfriend, I ain't leavin'! You'll have to deal with me for a while yet. :)

    Zeppelin! I didn't listen to much Led Zeppelin, but my piano teacher did make me learn Stairway to Heaven. I had no idea they did ballads. Nice!

    Thanks for the wild musical retro tour. It was fun reliving all that angst! And I didn't even use up my supply of Prozac!