Sunday, April 21, 2013

Just a little random

Well, I found myself back downstairs trying to finish up the basement organization project. I don't know why I was surprised to find myself there, as trying to restore order of any kind seems to be what comforts me. I projected my sense of sanity onto others in the house and had my husband and son work on organizing the over six hundred cds that were finding their way here and there. Some of the newer ones had never been put away. Do I need to mention that they are alphabetical by group/artist? Yeah, I figured you probably guessed that. It was a big step for me to let that assignment be tackled without my input, as I recognized that my standing around was less cobwebs getting vacuumed in the basement. 

Since I didn't actually view the collection, I just grabbed a few titles to put in my now empty car. I might have topped the 10,000 Maniacs and Abba bundle. This time I will be tooling about town with the soundtracks from Shrek 1, 2 AND 3 along with Yaz-Upstairs at Eric's. I'll let you know how that goes.

As you may know, my hopes and dreams for finding the perfect bra have been foiled at every turn. (If you are new here, welcome, and feel free to get caught up here, or here.) Suffice to say, I do not need any extra issues making my undergarments more uncomfortable, especially when I don't know what they are. One of my girls was hiding this tab leftover from my EKG (routine physical) all day long before I finally noticed the problem at pajama time. Do they not count how many they put on, or where? (Or maybe I just haven't found the one on the other side yet?)

Speaking of poor fit...this kiosk is at our newly named Destiny USA mall now. Um, do those things hanging there look like anything that should be purchased without a dressing room visit? Preferably one with several mirrors to capture all angles. I see they did go all out naming the place though.

"How many girls were over at our house visiting?" you ask. 
Not a one. Aside from my son's sneakers, and the moccasins my daughter already had, that is how my daughter prepares for the nice weather. She bought those all today because the six pairs of flip flops in the basket there, that were left after she got rid of what didn't fit from last year, did not provide an ample array of color.

Gotta go get cracking on tomorrow's angsty 80's post...letter s already!



  1. A Leggings Store??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    Love the optimistic planning for spring that the array of colorful shoes indicates. Hope it will work!! ;)

  2. Let's not talk about bras. Please. I am a normal 36 C. My oldest daughter is a freakish 30 FF. Bless her heart. Bless our wallet! :/ We an only buy custom made bras at this place here called The Fitting Touch. They are so proud of their bras! The least expensive one we've bought there was $68.

    Why, oh WHY must she have stripper boobs....and they're natural!!! She wants a reduction, and I don't blame her.

    But I digress.....bra talk makes me physically sick.

    But my favorite bra is the Perfect T-shirt Bra from Gap Body.

    I haven't gotten anything accomplished lately....Shelley woke-up with a cold this morning!

  3. You're organizing your basement?! Aaaaaack! I need to do that this summer! It gives me hives just thinking about it! Yikes!

    Ah the quest for a perfect this the ultimate illusive pursuit? I don't know. All I know is, what a moment of bliss it is to remove the thing at the end of the day!

  4. The way to handle the bra search is to just quit wearing one! :)

  5. You really need to split this post up. There is just too many interesting parts that need commenting. :)

    600 CDs? Holy Crap! That's what I thought in my head. I didn't do a count, but I figure We have less than 60. I guess me and my husband were never CD people. I did however have a million tapes at one time. Got rid of them at a garage sale a few years back. Yes, someone bought them. Surprisingly. Not quite sure why, didn't ask.

    Yup. Bra shopping sucks. No need to say more.

    The Leggings Store? We don't have any of them around here. I guess they haven't made it big yet. Since it's a kiosk, they should provide a little tent to at least try them on. No mirrors. I mean we know how leggings look. You can feel if they're tight enough. And see if they're long enough. Then you don't have to view all those great angles under fluorescent lights. It'd be perfect.

  6. Well! You're ahead on the random! Darn it. I'll bet that if I had some leggings, I'd be more speedy...

  7. Love me some flip-flops!! And so neatly put out...would never happen in my house of boys.