Saturday, March 30, 2013

Getting ready!

I just removed myself from filling Easter baskets, as I was dancing a little too close to the sugar shocked flame. I am pleased to announce that I only ate one peppermint patty, in the past thirty minutes, but there was no telling how long that willpower was going to last.

As a distraction, I started to panic a little bit about how dangerously close April is. On Monday the A-Z challenge will begin, whether I am ready or not. Last year I signed up at the last minute and flew by the seat of my pants. This year I started to see folks talking about the challenge back in February, and when I went to sign up I was hundreds of people down the list. I read so many posts talking about the plans and writing people were doing, and realized it might be a bit much to consider that throwing havoc to the wind a second year in a row would yield positive results. So, I did what I do best...I panicked!

I decided to take my inspiration from some recent eighties' ballad serenading that has gone on between the fabulous Marianne and me. When I coupled that  with my recent perusal of material for the My So-Called Teenage Life blog hop, I was able to come up with a theme, sort of...kind of...I think so...(drumroll) Angsty 80's Songs! I started middle school, graduated high school and went off to college in that about feeling anxious. I have a list of songs that were part of the soundtrack in my mind back then jotted down on paper...A to Z. I have changed several of the letters a few times. I also have another few songs that run through my head most days, and are forgotten before I can write anything down. There are some that I have texted to my email as reminders that I swear I will get to.

Here is a gem to get things rolling. I wrote this "song" in March of 1990, but I think it pays a decent homage to the angsty eighties...

A Love Song
I was waiting to see you
Hoping to want you
Now memories stab me
And painfully haunt you
I'm hanging by this piece
Much thinner than a string
Choking on the thought
That I meant everything
So why don't you tell me
About your new found friend
You must have known
I'd find out in the end

I never planned
To find out this way
Surprise, surprise
Is this my lucky day?
Thank you for nothing
Simply said and done
Congratulations baby
I give up, you won

You barely look at me

No trace of laughter in those eyes
The icy touch of your fingertips
Is one I don't recognize
Was it too little time together
Keeping too much empty space
Did you ever think my eyes
Would belong to a stranger's face
Now it's not a matter of love
If it was things would be fine
The question lied in whether or not
You had the strength to draw the line.


Tell me-is she pretty
Tell me-is she smart
Tell me-does she realize
She helped you break my heart

(sob, sniff, sob)

Phew! Now that I got that out of my system (and my flannel covered book), I can laugh and turn to the (often big-haired) megastars for the actual hits I will use for the challenge! I hope you'll stop by to visit and sing along!


  1. I will definitely stop by! :) I'm doing the challenge and I'm winging it to do Camp NaNo at the same time! It's gonna be a busy month.

  2. I must say, I'm impressed. That's a pretty good song. Lotsa raw emotion there. And to think you wrote it in 90! I hope he got his comeuppance.

    Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter!

  3. I didn't make it through last year's, but I'm going to try again this year! I look forward to the 80s songs as I assume I will know many of them! :) Good luck! Look forward to reading the April A-Z posts!

  4. Good luck! I signed up this year a few days ago. I think for next year I will have the post written far in advance ;-) .....or so i tell myself

  5. Nice song but I can't sing! I could never do a blog challenge. I can't even find the time to post once a month. Good luck! I'll peek in when I can!

  6. Angst 80's Songs - how cool is that. I'm an old rocker from the 80's - or so I like to think. Some of my best times were in the 80's along with some great tunes.

    I'll be interested to see what you come up with...said with a little angst! :P :) :)


  7. Just dropping by to wish you a "GOOD LUCK" with the challenge.
    Like last year, I'm winging it, because life's events has a funny way of getting in the way of sitting mindlessly in front of the computer, trying desperately to think of something beginning with A..stoopid life's event.

    Looking forward to reading what you come up with. :)

  8. Visiting from A to Z, and thought your song was very powerful. Good luck with the challenge! I'm winging it, as well...think it's wonderful you came up with a theme! Me, not so much as an idea of one! Oh well...happy blogging!


  9. Andrea - you've been holding out! You're practially that guy that writes all of Elton John's tunes.

    I am seriously laughing my butt off going through your posts. You are bringing me BACK!

  10. OMG, I am so playing catch up!! Sorry. What with the travelling, and being back, and crazy hectic week so far, and and and . . . yeah, um, sorry.

    But I have to say . . . I LOVE THIS THEME. Angsty 80's music? Oh hellz yeah! I am all over this. I've diving in now . . . here I go!