Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Random counter clutter

This is what a two hour delay looks like in Central New York. However, that is not the important part of this picture.  You see, I registered a complaint awhile back regarding a lack of attention given to our snowy driveway on a similar morning. When I voiced some concern this morning regarding any role I might have had to play in clearing the driveway, the husband muttered some sort of inquiry as to the forecast for tomorrow. Seriously? I am not sure that you can get a good sense of how deep the snow was, (and you certainly can't tell how heavy it was, so trust me) so keep in mind it was enough for school to be delayed. It was garbage day, as you can see, so apparently it was believed that we just needed a path for the trash can to wander down. Forget that we have a son who needed to get to the busstop, and the cleared path ended at the garbage (not the road). Our front walk is also under that fresh blanket. Suffice to say a better route was shoveled...and now my back hurts.

I shouldn't pick on the husband. After all, he did bring back this super awesome chocolate crocodile from Florida.
This just rubbed it in that he had ventured to warmer climates.

Hmmm...let's see what else is on the kitchen counter...
I nagged my daughter for not wiggling her baby teeth more to get them out to accommodate her braces. After the dentist pulled them out, we saw why they were so stubborn. Yikes!

Speaking of the daughter, she brought home her Poop Quiz today! "Poop to Profits", a delightful romp about how to turn manure into money...
I didn't think things could get better until I saw the name of the company...Dairy Doo!

One more tidbit from my daughter this week. Do not try to claim her calzone as your own because, yes, it does have her name on it.

I don't want my son to feel left out, so here is something else that appeared on our counter...
As you can see, he clarified the labels on the items he brought in for chemistry class.

Let's not leave the kitchen yet, I decided to go with a turtle cheesecake as a consolation prize for our basketball family friends. It was hard to hand that one over, so I stopped by later to have a piece. (Hey Tina, thanks again for the pecans!)

I want to put an end to any thoughts you may have that my kitchen is some sort of organized and together kind of place. This is what was going on while I was making my first foray into flooding icing on cookies. (Flooding alright.)
Some color did make it onto the shamrocks...
and the counter, and the floor, and the...

Go visit this cookie and she what random she's got going on!


  1. Interesting "chocolate crocodile" I thought at first it might have had something to do with the poop quiz. Yeah, and LOVE the bags of "not" crack or meth. Now that is funny!
    Snow buried here too. Sigh......

  2. We don't have snow anymore, but it's colder than crap here.

  3. I love your son's labels - these made laugh. The cheesecake looks amazing.

  4. Love the mutant crocodile....and the shamrock cookies. They are too pretty to eat, unlike the crocodile.


    I really needed to laugh this afternoon. Thanks for such a funny post!


  5. First up: Are you SURE those were BABY TEETH???? Holy crap. Second, LOVE your son's sense of humor - where do you s'pose he gets it? Third, PROMISE ME you didn't let that chocolate alligator go to waste. I would've used scissors and licked the thing clean. I also lick ice cream bowls. And yes, I'm aware I have issues. HILARIOUS POST, Andrea!!

  6. Wowza - those are baby teeth??

    And I'll take a turtle cheesecake any day of the week. Yum!

  7. Hmmm, I'm just thinking how easy it would be for true criminals to get out of prosecution if all it takes is identifying something as "Not Meth/Not Crack." This is gonna start something now. ;)

  8. Heheh...glad to see that your son has such a sense of humor! His teachers must love him! Do you have the visits by the drug dogs like we do? I'll bet those pups would find those baggies hilarious. And possibly edible--you never know with dogs

    And I am very happy to see how much you like the pecans. I knew you were just the person to put them to such delicious use!

  9. Chocolate croc = sad. Teeth = freaky! Love your son's bags of "Not Cocaine". Stay warm!!

  10. Well this is just a fabulous does of random hilarity...except for the snowy driveway. Not funny in the least. My favorite..."not crack, not meth." Funny kid!