Saturday, March 23, 2013

Blog hop reminder!

I am sitting her on the couch with a book...the book...the one with the angst and sticky sap of teen poetry dripping from its pages.  On the inside cover, under the line with my name, it simply says "Tender Years" homage to Eddie and the Cruisers. Oh how I loved that movie, but was even more over the moon with my cassette copy of the soundtrack..."please don't go tender years", indeed!

I am afraid this book could swallow me whole if I kept it to myself. I am looking forward to Monday when one of these gems gets put out into the blogosphere for all of us to see, and laugh at! It is so hard to pick a "favorite". Who on earth was that girl?

Please join us, and let your sappy teen flag fly! Grab those journals or tear-stained poems and celebrate your so-called teenage life with us! (Even if you didn't write it down, you certainly still must have a tale to tell. Just make sure to use your teenage voice!) Click on the photo below to sign up for the hop.


  1. Okay, so I've been a little fuzzy this week. Bear with me! Do I write about something that happened from my teen years as if I were a teen?

  2. I am digging through years of crap to find something. I know something is here, now just where to find it!

  3. Hmm. Teenaged me? Oh, that is SCARY... I will consider.

    Cat ;)

  4. OMG!! I had one of my best friends STEAL the Eddie & the Cruisers II (yes, there was a sequel) poster from the movie theatre she worked in. I have loved Michael Pare through Greatest American Hero, Houston Knights & even The Virgin Suicides! And I TOTALLY bought the soundtrack on CASSETTE, too! How does this keep happening??

    1. Oh've slipped to the dark side and crossed that liiiiiine!

    2. THIS ONE I CAN REMEMBER!! From out of the shadow I walk like a dream!!