Sunday, February 10, 2013


I just sat down to make another attempt to catch up on reading blogs. I have been suspecting that blogger has been toying with me as far as which blogs show up on my reading list, as suddenly a post will show up that I didn't see during my previous session. Well, today blogger is telling me that I am following no blogs, and perhaps should add some! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaack! I think if I log on and off enough times I might be able to win, but we shall see.

In the meantime, I am going to devise a plan to pick a grand prize winner for the epic book, Epic Mom. 
Cross your fingers, and the winner will be announced tomorrow! (Which still leaves you a few hours to get your entry comment posted. Let's see a few new categories, as the ones so far have amused me so!) 

It is no coincidence that I have come up with a few runner up prizes AND been cleaning out our basement. Look out!

***Update: I win, my list is back...of course now I have to go make dinner***


  1. Thank god it's not just me then. I thought the gin had finally gotten the best of me.

    Every time I look at that book, I start laughing...guess I better lay off the drink. :)

  2. Blogger works in mysterious ways...

  3. Blogger is being twitchy here too!!!

  4. Would you like to borrow my Blogger Voodoo Doll? ;P I can send him to you....