Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Our city began its week long Winterfest celebration this past weekend. Nothing says "I love the snow" more than a martini walk, right?
The ladies I tagged along with like to start out with one full-sized martini. I like to sample (and remain upright)...mmm...grapefruit!
They used to have a human dog sled race, but after a few years of unseasonably warm weather, and perhaps a general lack of interest, that activity fell by the wayside. There is a chowder cookoff, chicken wing walk, chili cookoff and other means of keeping warm, like bloody marys and cosmos. There is also ice carving...

Hows about another (hic) hikiskus martini (hiccup)?
p.s. I did check, and it is Absolut Hibiskus...with hibiscus flavor, but no hikiskus
James Bond would not be impressed by the Birthday-tini...neither were we. Think barely cool, melted McDonald's shake.
After growing weary of chocolate-tini samples, we were brought back to life with this miniature martini glass sporting chocolate and graham cracker crumbs. I heard Kahlua and Rumchata, but was too distracted by the presentation to hear the rest of the ingredients.
Mom, mini-martinis, classy necklaces and me.
And Snooki was apparently there! (She looked possibly older than me, and I thought I was too old for a Bump-it. Time to get myself ordering!) As the trio walked away, I realized the true hilarity was that guy on the right's hair...so glad he was in the photo, but disappointed that the true tightness/shininess of his curls was not captured.

My favorite conversation overheard while waiting in line at the walk took place in a fancy bar...and by fancy, I mean they served popcorn. The woman behind us was talking about how she could smell the salt from the popcorn. Riiiiight, not the butter, but the salt.
In completely unrelated news (gotta keep it random)...Don't you wish everyone came with such a descriptive tag?

Now go give Stacy some attention!


  1. A Martini . . . WALK?? What is this gloriousness you speak of? Holy hell, woman . . . I'm moving up there! And that Kalhua/Rumchata thing sounds divine. Isn't Rumchata just such the buzzed about liquor currently? It seems like it's in everything.

    I thought about you yesterday. I saw those mini lego things at the store, and on a lark (we are not lego people), I bought 2. I got the actress, like you. But then I ALSO got . . . wait for it . . . the roller derby girl!! I was so excited. I did a post about going to the roller derby last year, and I just love her and her little skates. Score!! (I was actually going to send you whatever one I got that you didn't have . . . and then I got her. Sorry! Thought that counts?).

    1. Too funny! I just found another actress, and was going to send it to you. That was the day I found the final 16th one of this series! Glad you told me, as now I will go back to trying to fashion a lawyer for you!I remember your roller derby post! She is funny isn't she!?

      Yes, it is a walk..to several participating bars...that are not necessarily very close together! There are culinary cruise tickets as well, so the jackpot it a place participating in the food AND drink! (There were hurricane drinks also...seemed politically incorrect)

  2. WHAT!?!?! And you did not invite me??? Back when I lived upstate we did not have such cool things as a martini walk....but we did have Genny Cream and Foreigner. And the Penn-Can mall. And Wegmans.

  3. A martini walk? A MARTINI WALK?! Why oh why can't there be cool stuff like that around here? Maybe I should move there instead of back to Washington... :) Love that picture of you and your mom! :)

    Princess Nagger sends a giant THANK YOU for the felt dinos and the dino bones - she was ECSTATIC to get the package in the mail, but has yet to pose for pictures for prosperity. Don't worry, I'm wearing her down. She found great pleasure in plastering the felt dinos to the back of my fleece pullover I was wearing today. She would not Stop. Laughing. Hysterically. So thanks for that. ;)

  4. A Martini Walk......? My favorite! Soo jealous of you right now. Hmm, now I'm wondering if there's any Grey Goose left in the house....(not likely).

  5. We have Wassailfest, Beerfest, Winefest, and lots of other alcohol related fests. Why not Martinis? I'll bet they're delicious, and just the thing when confronting Snooki!

  6. I'm thinking they got rid of the human dogsled race because it didn't involve food or drink. ;)

  7. Hi Andrea .. I wouldn't stay upright either .. but then occasionally it's fun to enjoy life. I think we have a beer fest - thankfully I stay clear ... it's near where William the Conqueror landed ...

    Welcome to the minion world of Tina - I'm joining in the fun too - I'm on a blogging break right now, but am around a bit ... I'll be back for the A - Z ..

    Are you entering both blogs into the Challenge .. or just this one?

    Cheers to a successful Challenge .. Hilary

  8. That chocolate martini sounds wonderful! :)

  9. Andrea

    Found your blog on the A to Z challenge page. Sounds like a great event, and I bet if you were into people watching this would have been hysterical. Have fun and keep up the blogging.


  10. I'm not much for cold weather but I'd suffer through it for that martini walk and all those other events. Sounds pretty fine to me.

    Thanks for helping with the A to Z Challenge. You'll be a big help to Tina.

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    Wrote By Rote
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  11. That is the BIGGEST bump-it I have ever seen!! (and my best friend is a Texan!)
    Looking forward to minioning with you :)

  12. That sounds like a blast! And who doesn't love a good whiff of salt now and then?? ;) Hahahahhaa!!!

  13. So here's the thing. I know you've sent me really cool stuff and leave nice comments on my blog and probably feel that we've set appropriate blog-boundaries, but I AM COMING TO YOUR HOUSE NEXT YEAR FOR THE FLIPPIN' MARTINI WALK. I know that TECHNICALLY, you haven't invited me. But I just added it to the calendar. In Sharpie. With little miniature pictures of martinis.

    No pressure.

    1. Well thank goodness you're coming because now I definitely can rationalize purchasing the martini shaped cookie cutter I just saw! The spare bedroom is all cleaned up...oh, a year from now? I have to keep it clean for a year!?!?!?! How about if I just send pics of what it looks like now?! Oh, and I think I crossed the blog boundaries when I started texting you pictures of the martinis!

    2. Ha! If I could find my phone (as if), I'd take a picture of the drink next to me. hint - very white & cinnamony. No need to clean up for me. Drunks never notice dust bunnies. Or whether they've crashed in the correct home.

  14. Whoaaaaaa, that is the BEST excuse for a festival EVER! Looks like loads of fun. They should bring back the human dog sled, but only to ferry people from bar to bar. And Snooki? Really? Yeah, cuz when I think of winter and pasty skin and thick coats that cover 90% of your body, I think of Snooki. Oh, wait, the alcohol...ohhhhh. Got it. ;)

  15. OMG, blogger just ate a seven paragraph comment. GRRRR. Ok, sum up. Love martinis. Beginning of a beautiful friendship, I'm coming next year. Sigh. The Engineer is home with our robot movie of the evening, so I've gotta run instead of trying to duplicate my comment.

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