Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Random Tuesday...on Tuesday!!!

I am going to keep the weather small talk brief. It is winter. There is snow. I love my down coat. Now let's get right to it, or I will suddenly remember what items are on my to-do list on the kitchen counter and be overcome with guilt, and lose that fine bloggy feeling.

The decal in question is a little hard to see, but I wanted you to appreciate the classiness of the vehicle as well. It says "YOUR the reason YOUR kids are ugly"...
I wanted to hold up a sign that said YOU'RE the reason YOUR kids can't spell. I realize that may not be the most pressing issue with the sentiment, but seriously? Who prints these things?

I was at a friend's house yesterday, and she offered me some of the "healthy rice krispy treats" her mother had dropped off...
That is a crime against Snap, Crackle AND Pop. We laughed so hard trying to find an actual square to sample. I think you can make out a couple of them amongst the debris. Suffice to say they were not yummy. I thought they tasted a little bit Windex-y, but we figured out it was honey. I did not see any evidence of marshmallows...at all.

That is not to say that I am cranking out delights from my own oven. Maybe I should break down the wall that keeps me from ever logging onto to Pinterest. Perhaps then I would have had something slightly more snazzy to offer my family on SuperBowl Sunday...
Meatloaf with mashed potatoes. I don't know why we didn't invite people over for such fanfare!

And in one more kitchen...do you prefer your celery to be more crunchy and less Gumby?

I just heard some things fall over in the laundry room, so that must mean the spin cycle is over. A queen's work is never done!


  1. Andrea, I got to the end and was laughing out loud! Loved the meatloaf, by the way! And, seriously, OTHER people leave clothes piled on the washer, too?!! So funny.

  2. "Healthy" treats? Those words do not belong together - EVER

  3. You're perfectly within your rights to smack someone for using your/you're incorrectly! That's just plain awful.

    LOVVVEEE the meatloaf! That is awesome...and delicious!

  4. LOL I agree with Kim....healthy treat is an oxymoron...

    Darnit I need to get my butt in the laundry room. It seems like I'm not getting ANYTHING accomplished this week! :/


  5. It drives me NUTS when people misspell your and you're.

  6. Did you really make that football meatloaf? It's AWESOME! You should totally add a "pin it" button. Ha!

  7. Those "treats" are just wrong wrong wrong. I am offended on your behalf.

    "You are the reason your kid is stupid and flunking English."

    And I agree with the above comments . . . football = touchdown!! ;)

    1. Now if can just figure out what food to bake into a heart shape...good thing I got the meatloaf comfort food craving out of my system!

  8. There you stood, that'll teach you...to look so good and feeeeel so right, lemme tell you 'bout the girl I met last niiiiight.

    Sorry. I can't even relate this song to your post (nice meatloaf by the way), but payback is a biotch named Marianne who can't sing or tie things together like your highnessness.

    I'm not making any sense to anyone else, but I'm still going to hit "publish" because I'm not exactly known for having good sense.

    Ok...back to playing with my new little people!!

    1. Oh my! Somebody's got the Eye of the Tiger....rising up to the challenge of a rival!

  9. As a Communications major/English minor you have no idea how much I would appreciate you correcting that window decal. But they probably had a shotgun in there somewhere, so best not to provoke them. And healthy Rice Krispies treats? What is the point of that?

  10. HAHAHA! Oh, that decal! What a mean little man! Was it a man? Maybe it was a woman. Anyway, the misspelling and the sentiment may be the reason he has mismatched car parts and a big ol' dent in his side.

    How can you POSSIBLY make krispy treats without marshmallows???? I made some a few weeks ago using browned butter. It was a nice subtle twist.

    Hahaha, Gumby's checking to see if his fly is open.
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Oh it was a dude fest in the pick up truck!

      I see some Nutella rice crispy treats in my future...the not so distaant future...mmmmmmmmm, who needs dinner!?!