Saturday, February 16, 2013

52 Weeks of Happiness - Week 49

A few months ago, I got a surprise in the mail from my friend Tina at NotJustAnotherMotherBlogger. Two pounds of Texas pecans were just some of the awesomeness inside the package. I was making some Nutella rice crispy treats this week and decided those were just the nuts to sprinkle on top.

First things first though, I needed to borrow a nut cracker. I cannot believe I don't own one! A bowl of mixed nuts (in their shells) was a staple at so many of of our family gatherings when I was a kid. It made me happy to be filled with nostalgia.
My daughter decided to help me, as this was a novel task. It made me happy to see her have a sparkle of wonder in her eyes at what we were doing. I may have acted otherwise, but it also made me happy when she sent pieces of shell flying as part of the nut cracking learning curve.
I fondly recalled the challenge of getting a walnut shell cracked perfectly in half, trying to find someone who wanted to eat a freshly shelled brazil nut, the trickiness of getting those almond shell layers off, and wondering why filberts were even in the bowl. I was happy that my daughter was engaged enough in her new job to let me ramble about my childhood memories. 

I was happy to see the intricate design of a perfectly shelled pecan. Oh, and the eating of the pecans? Yes, that made me happy too.
Shelling the pecans by hand made it feel like there was a little extra love going into the treats this Valentine's Day (and perhaps a little extra shell fragment or two), and that made me happy (the love, not the shell fragments).


  1. O.M.G....Nutella Rice Crispie Treats????? Girl, you've been holding out. Where's the recipe! They sound yummeh for the tummeh.....

  2. I'm not a big nut person. Well, ok, maybe - MAYBE - peanuts, but peanut butter is definitely better than just plain peanuts as far as I am concerned.

  3. It makes me happy that pecans from Texas can make a family activity so much fun!

    And thank you for sharing some of those DELICIOUS Nutella rice crispy treats with me. They are going to disappear fast!

  4. I miss nuts so much. My 3 boys have nut allergies and whenever I can, I overdose on them. I do. Ask my friends. My cheeks look like a stuffed squirrel getting ready for winter.

  5. Can you adopt me? I'll be good & take out the nut-filled garbage bags.