Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Random Oscar...

Oh wait, I don't mean Oscar as in Academy Awards. I saw none of the nominated movies, so I went to bed and read a book. No, I was talking about Oscar as in the grouchy guy on Sesame Street. Yeah, that was pretty much me today. Considering that I did not have to spend my day in a trash can, I should have been able to snap out of it quicker. I was frantically trying to figure out the cause for my discontent (I am a fixer, remember), when I realized that it is February! This is what happens to me in February. I took some small solace in the fact that it took me twenty-six days to sink, but could not completely convince myself that I'd really only have to ride out two more days before the magic cloud lifted. I think I owe much of my sanity to the piles of what-not that I purged from our house and the super swell look of the places I unleashed my organizing frenzy upon.

I started to fret about my Random Tuesday post, concerned that I didn't have any photos to share. Then I turned on the camera and realized what I had, so let's go...

Sometimes I can't decide if I want to talk about s'mores or chocolate chip cookies. Luckily, my daughter has a keen eye for how to make bigger and better messes in our kitchen...
Hmmm...we might need more dough.

We're getting there.

Oh, those seem like sensible portions.

Like a s'more jack-in-the-box!
Oh my!

We carved this into at least eight pieces, but I refuse to admit how many of those pieces I ate. It seems almost besides the point to say that I didn't taste a lot of graham cracker flavor, as if that is what mattered here. That was a bit much to show you, but I figured it would make up for a serious lack of cookie talk as of late.

I think this was Fozzie's attempt to camouflage himself, or he figured if he could not see me, then I could not see him...

He had to give up his statuesque pose when his feet got cold. He barely made it back in the house.

Sometimes you gotta dance!

I might have had another random photo or two, but I am going to share the gem of a phone conversation I just had instead. I had finally sat down to watch one television show tonight with the kids, when the phone rang. I told the hubs up front that we had just started a show. He started talking about how he had just rescued an abandoned suitcase from outside the hotel, and I realized I should probably try to show some interest in what he was talking about as to not hurt his feelings. He then proceeded to tell me that he (with his moderate lactose-intolerance) drank some chocolate milk today and paid dearly. He further elaborated on his gas pains (and the apparent safety of those around him), as I realized that absence does not necessarily make the heart grow fonder. I told him I could really not top his day's events and passed the phone to my daughter. You will be happy to know that the kids and I finished watching our show in clean-aired silence.

Really? What more can I possibly say today?


  1. You and your daughter are evil geniuses....I want to make s'mores chocolate chip cookies....OMG.....

    I didn't watch the Oscars, either. Nope! But Oscar the Grouch was my favorite Sesame Street character when I was little. Does that make me bad? I didn't understand that show...I couldn't understand why the kids lived on a nasty street in a nasty city when they could live in the Deep South and run around without shoes in November in the cotton fileds and streams....


    ....sorry for the digression...so what show were y'all watching?


  2. Now THAT was a cookie! You're my new cookie hero. Go big or stay home I say. By the way, that phone conversation with hubby happens at my house every evening. Gotta love Auntie but geez, watch what you eat!! Lol

  3. You are brilliant. Those cookies look out of control . . . in the best possible way!! I'm going to assume that some of those are headed my way? That is, if you and the P.O. finally made up. ;)

    I love the 70's disco party you have going on there. Awesome!! :)

    1. I think they were better warm...so sorry...although I suppose there is a reheating option that I did not consider!

  4. That was a heck of a cookie, but those rice crispy treats were completely awesome, too. You have a cookie making gift, ma'am!

    We used to have a yellow Lab who did not like the rain or wet grass on her paws. I can't imagine what she would do with snow...do they make doggy snow shoes?

    I am sorry that you are in the dumps. Seasonal depression is awful.

  5. I'm looking at my peanut butter cookie and now want to throw it away in disgust after looking at the yumminess that you baked. Daaamn that looks good!

    Also I think that I may have the same problem as your hubby. Spawn's just run out of my room screaming "evacuate the building!" :)

  6. Yup, that looks about one serving size. You may feel like Oscar, but you party like Cookie Monster. :)

    Man, when I sit down to watch a movie or show, I don't want anyone talking to me. Hehehe

  7. I think we should petition to end February. Worst month ever. But if you were around with those cookies? Entirely different story. I normally love the Oscars, but I also haven't been inside a theatre in months. They usually won't let me in with my fuzzy robe, flask, and stockpile of anti-depressants. Jerks.

  8. What a good idea!!!! COOKIE in all caps wonder.

    Oh, with some coffee.


  9. Oh, I am so ready to make some of those cookies now... I have had to raise my computer up to avoid the drool... Heh. I wish I could get out of phone conversations like that, but as the only one in the house at times, it gets... uniquely interesting.


  10. Those cookies look amazing!!!!

  11. I just ate 12 girl scout cookies to celebrate your cookie gluttony.

  12. These look fabulous, I think I just gained 2 kilos looking at these photos! Just swinging by from the A- Z April Blogging Challenge to say hello and wish you well for April. Just wondering if your Challenge posts will also involve food. Good luck ~ Judy (An Arlee Bird A-Z Challenge Ambassador)

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I cannot pretend that I have figured out what exactly I will be posting about for the challenge this year...eeek!

  13. Aww, I am sorry you had a rough few days! This is my first visit here, I think I may have to follow you. :) February is my birth month and Valentine's Day, my favorite holiday, so I am afraid I don't share your angst for the month, but I think we could still be friends... :)

    I have signed up for the A to Z challenge and am visiting the moderators blogs and found you at Life is Good. Happy blogging!