Friday, February 1, 2013

52 Weeks of Happiness - Week 47

I am poking my head out of the doldrums (and preoccupation with monkey dolls) to report on some happy.

My daughter and I went to Toys R Us yesterday in search of more minifigures. She was looking, and feeling, for the actress and the judge.
So proud of, so happy for my young padawan!


  1. Maybe I'll host a monkey doll giveaway and enter you. Only you ;)

  2. Is there anything cooler than a Mini-Lego-Academy Award? Me thinks not.

  3. Winter is such a place for the doldrums. Here's hoping spring comes soon!!

  4. Huzzah! She struck gold! What? No gateway monkey minifigs??????

    Hope you're having a hilariously fun weekend! :D

  5. Oh man, the actress. That is a great one.

    Also . . . if they have a lawyer one, I want. Just saying. ;)