Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Toasty random

So it is 64 degrees in our house now. I've got my bathing suit on, a fruity drink with a fancy umbrella...sorry, now that I have scarred you with that vision, I will admit to my cup of hot tea and the fact that I just unwrapped the blanket from around my heavy wool sweater. All of the climate changes got the best of me I think, and I am pretending to not notice that I feel sort of achy as well. So, moving on...

I stopped by my young friend's store the other day to see what sort of "sirese  bisnise" might be going on.Another deal on "spiruls" maybe? This was the note we found...
...but sadly, I could not find the "clerense" rack!
Here is a far more frightening store at the new Destiny USA...which reminds me, how are so many of you resisting the urge to come here? DESTINY...DESTINY USA! How important does that sound? Anyway, not sure if this is a dress shop, or a classy headless mannequin showroom.
I don't think I would have ever wanted to see what the wedding dress I got could have looked like on someone with an entirely better different shape.

My son asked me to take a picture of this address on an ebay package we were sending out...
Seriously, would you be able to say you lived there with a straight face?

Think about toys coming to life, and then please tell me what I interrupted here...

Ummm, kids' cake, right? I think not with those clam shells, Kelly! You are at the wrong bouncy fun house.

Before I go crank my heat up until I sweat, just because I can, I have to tell you something. (Actually it is something that I REALLY hope I don't have to tell you!) When I was talking to the man who installed our new furnace, I mentioned the tag that National Grid filled out explaining why they had shut our furnace down yesterday morning. He mentioned that the man did not take a piece of our heating pipe with, excuse me? Apparently there are numerous people who turn their furnaces back on after they have been deemed unsafe and turned off. Yes, he said it happens a lot, so sometimes something is taken to make powering back up impossible. People are told that dangerous levels of carbon monoxide are coming from the furnace and they flip it right back on. He told me he has had people yell at him to leave saying they are just going to flip the switch. He has pulled fuses in such cases. Like I said, I don't think I have to tell you this, but if someone with a magic detector wand tells you that your furnace is unsafe, just say thank you and do not touch the damn switch. I told my furnace installing friend that I didn't think the National Grid man believed for one second that I might touch that switch. Thank you for indulging me on my public service announcements related to this cause.

Thank you to Stacy for allowing some of us to be fashionably late to the random party!


  1. I'm from southern California and used to say Rancho Cucamonga with a straight face all the time :)

  2. Ok, first off . . . get to the doctor and get a flu test. Then get some meds and go to bed. It's like a damn epidemic and the sooner you rest and heal up, the better. Trust me on this.

    Next . . . you totally interupted a spanking in progress. No other explanation. ;)

  3. I sometimes get achy when the weather is cold...and you went through several extremes in temp. Yes, people get crazy on all that carbon monoxide, and it is best not to leave them to their own devices!

    I would love to know how anyone could think that mermaid was for kids!

  4. It's just a little toxic gas. I hear it makes for a very restful slumber...

  5. Haha! Still laughing at "clerense" rack!

    I am rarely speechless, especially when there's a chance to be rude and crude but even I don't want to know what was being interrupted.

  6. I'm still laughing at those naughty naughty toys! And I totally want to live in Rancho Cucamonga! Imagine the possibilities...

  7. So....what's the deal with the "clerense" rack...who's writing these notes? They must be a product of our public school system here in Alabama. :/

    And.....then we have the violent toys, or is it that Peter Pan is saying....that's ok.....not tonight with THAT "." and THEN there is porno Kelly...on a kid's cake? :O WTH??????

    But in all seriousness, I'm so happy you are still alive and not blown to smithereens.....I hate incompetence......or incompetens as our little friend would write.....