Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Random recoup

Don't worry, I already know that it isn't Tuesday. I took the news a little rough at first, but the antibiotics the doctor prescribed  to wage war against my sinuses made it easier to accept. (Which is good because the meds are doing squat for my head, well except for my hair, that I could have sworn looked shinier last night...and that was after showering, so not even an oil slick type of shine. Still graying at an alarming rate though. Am I rambling? Yes. That is probably on the side effect sheet.) I tried to shake myself out of a funk this morning by going to Kohls. I had a gift certificate, two returns and a 30% off coupon, so how could I possibly have not felt better upon leaving the store? Let me tell you how I left the store...empty-handed! I almost called the doctor's office to tell them just how dire my situation had turned. I had even considered doing some bra shopping, but then saw this...
...and figured I was clearly not on the right track if that was NOT a bra.

I also walked out of Target empty-handed! The one thing that kept me from rushing straight to urgent care was that I did feel like organizing something, so I marched myself to my basement instead. I guess it was restoring order therapy that I needed as opposed to retail therapy. I get that whole feed a fever/starve a a sinus infection/purge a cough thing mixed up I guess.

I packed up the Dickens' village until next year as the crowd started looking a little gamey...

Speaking of the holidays, my son got this little item in his stocking..., he doesn't golf, but come on...pure comic gold for a fifteen year old boy, with a $1 price tag.

I did not spot these gems until the other day...
...complete with a cape?

Since when did breakfast become so gruesome? Guillotine?

I noticed that I lost a few followers last week, and was going to ask if it was something I said, or did...then I realized that the people who left were probably not around to answer, so instead...THANK YOU!!!!! Thank you for hanging out here and reading. You deserve cheerleaders, lots and lots of cheerleaders!
Seriously? Can you believe how many cheerleaders were on hand for the girls' varsity basketball game last night?

Stacy has some random going on over at her place too!


  1. Oh no! I hope none of those missing followers were sidelined by a freak bagel guilliontine accident! On the other hand, if they were silly enough to be blind to your comic genius, to heck with them...

  2. Hee hee are too kind...WAY too kind!

  3. I'm confused, if it's not a bra, then what is it? A small hammock for birds.
    Loved the pictures, along with your words, they had me laughing like out of analogies. But you always having me laughing out loud.

    I lost a follower and was going to complain, then like you, thought that they wouldn't be around to see it, so why bother. So to those who un-followed you, it's their loss entirely because I think you're marvelous. :)

  4. I pretend they died :). Yeah the dollar towel - priceless. "Not a bra" - disturbing.

  5. Not a bra? What then? Princess Leah's hair net? Ear muffs for Yoda? Very funny.

    The ball towel?? Um, I have a 45-yr-old Hubs that would find this wildly funny. You got that where?

    Hope you feel better!

    1. Ahhhhhhh! Too funny! Cantaloupe carrier, perhaps? Dollar spot at Target for those ball shiners!

  6. I laughed out loud at the ball towel. ANd now I'm laughing some more just THINKING about the ball towel.

  7. Oh my goodness. You NEVER fail to deliver the goods, Andrea. And to get out of Target without buying a single thing??? I do believe the earth has just tilted on its axis. Can such a thing truly happen?

    I am dying to get that Batman underwear for Joey. I'll head up there tomorrow to just buy that and leave $200 poorer. Unless that axis thing turns out to be true....

  8. P.S. Don't worry about lost followers. I get "dropped" off people's sites all the time & have to re-join. I think it's blogspot issue.

  9. P.S.S. But then again, you don't suppose people are actually kicking me OFF their blogs, do you??

  10. Oh you poor thing. Leaving Target and Kohls without buying anything? You're not just sick, you are delerious. More meds, pronto!!

    And even more evidence that we are twinsies . . . I, too, have the Dickens village houses. I even have that marionette shop in the one picture. The problem is, I have nowhere to display them anymore, so they have been in my basement for the past 5 years. When we moved, we trashed the huge old shelving unit I used to display them on. Now . . . nowhere to put them. Sad. :(

    Ball towel . . . brilliant. Wish I had seen that for the hubs. You know how we like the joke gifts. ;)

    And don't worry about the unfollowers. I follow you without following you, so you can't really judge your fans based on those silly stats. I don't even look at mine.

  11. ROTFLOL Well at least you feel like retail therapy on your antibiotics. Mine have forced me to become best friends with the toilet....and I can't seem to leave me new friend for any stretched of time!!! *but* I took the last one today at lunch. YAY!!!!! YAY!!!!! Those cheerleaders are cheering for me 'cause no more antibiotics for awhile (I hope)!!!! :/

    Ball towel. It took me a few minutes.....I'm a Barbie girl living in a Barbie world.


  12. Finally we have a system that will act as a deterrent to any future criminal bagels.

  13. Hahahaha, I want to live in your Dickens village. Much better characters in there than out here. :)