Thursday, August 2, 2012

52 Weeks of Happiness - Week 21

I went berry picking this week. 

Since the kids are older now I figured we could really get the grand haul of blueberries, so I enlisted their help. 
A hard worker
 Instead, it was the smallest amount we have ever left the patch with. 
First to bail
I was happy to have the company just the same. 

Seeing all of the beautiful fruit waiting to be picked makes me does stuffing my face with fresh blueberries!

I also got to go blackberry picking with a friend. They were wild berries, so I do have the cuts and scrapes to show for it, but they were free. More delicious berries...
That made me happy too!

The holiday gift basket stash has been started, with blackberry jam and blueberry jam. That makes me very happy!

Stop by to visit Leigh to find out what made other people happy this week!


  1. Funny how helpers sometimes end up not being much help :). Fresh fruit is always wonderful

  2. 52 weeks of happiness! What a wonderful blog hop to be a part of! Love your post!

  3. Fun! I went blueberry picking a few weeks ago. It was so much fun! I'm sorry you didn't get as many blueberries as usual, but what a great family activity. :D

  4. We used to eat mulberries right off the trees during summer when I was a kid. Seeing all those pictures made me reminisce--and hungry for blueberry pie!

  5. Oh blackberry picking! That takes me back to some pretty happy childhood memories.
    A couple of months ago moved away from our cute little cottage that had blackberries (and cherries, lemons, oranges, peaches, figs) and I so miss them!
    So, how do I wrangle some homemade jam?

  6. Your teenage boy looks so happy to be