Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Reviving the Random

Soooo, I see a lot of you have shuffled your kids and hundreds of dollars in school supplies back to school already. Classes start for my kids one week from tomorrow, aaaaaaaand this is the part where I distract myself and try to pretend that doesn't make me sad. Let's see here...
No, that probably won't help at all, but I certainly did appreciate the friend who texted me the pic before she fled from the store.

Well, bacon is supposed to make things better, no?
Somehow I feel like a bacon flavored lollipop would just lose a little something, like grease? I was going to buy one, until I saw they were $7.50, then decided to share it with all of you for free!

How about if we play "Can you find the leaf bug?"

We could read a book! Did you know people still buy books? (Thank goodness it isn't just me...oh for the joy of turning actual pages). Check out my step-mother and her brother on the beach reading the same hardcover book. Cracks me up!

I have been keeping busy in the kitchen. There was some salsa (not dancing, silly)...

And then I was jamming (blackberry)...

But today I found myself in a pickle when realized I had run out of lids. (We had just gotten back from the store, where I smugly walked by the canning display claiming to need nothing.)

We made calzones the other night. I cut the vents in my husband's project, only to find them covered up when I went to put them in the oven. I cut a new vent, and creepy calzone guy was born...

I saw this shirt today, and loved it so much...
I thought maybe I should start running just to have reason for the purchase. Then I wondered if my love for cupcakes alone somehow warranted it. Then I saw the "you are ridiculous" gaze of my daughter's eyes. This was not MY back-to-school shopping outing.

Well, I think that is all for today. I have to save a little something to keep you coming back...like how I won a bet, the garage tidying (as it certainly isn't clean)...good stuff like that. I mean seriously, how intrigued are you? Hurry back?


  1. Hmm, creepy calzone guy lives up to his name. Lol. I saw a great back to school pic on Facebook the other day. The kids were at the end of the driveway getting on the bus and the parents were in lawn chairs clinking wine glasses ;)

  2. Books. Huh. What a novel concept. (Geddit?)

    I'm a little glad you didn't buy that bacon lollipop. I fear that I might have had to try it. ;)

  3. *giggles* You are so "punny" LMAO....wow, that's one expensive treat! $7.50 for a bacon pop? Do they actually sell???

    Creepy Calzone Dude looks like my twin after the allergy testing I went through....

    I still like the feel of a book in my hand, the smell of the ink, and turning pages. Call me weird!


  4. I found the bug! I found the bug! And they didn't feel like SHARING their book? I also didn't know people actually still put things in jars anymore! I've got to get out more...

  5. Chocolate covered bacon sounds disgusting. Of course chocolate covered potato chips are delicious and those are salty, fatty and greasy too, so maybe the bacon wouldn't be so bad.

  6. Creepy cal zone guy was devoured, yes? Just what he needed, I say!

    Chocolate covered bacon...sounds delish, but not for 8 bucks. I will just eat my bacon along with a hershey's kiss.

  7. I'll take creepy calzone guy over that creepy sign any day!