Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The random runneth over!

Fozzie says things are all rainbows and bubbles here. Fozzie is medicated, don't forget.

I never thought I would be able to move on from the allure of the creepy monkeys. Never, I tell you! Then I saw Ping Li...
..."Nature's Littlest Treasure" indeed! Fully poseable, but not a toy. I just can't decide if this could open the door to a dangerous addiction. I mean just look at Kirra, who is coming up next!

With the money I pretend to save while cutting coupons, I feel like I should be able to invest in the Doughboy magnet collection. He's so festive, and not just for poking in the belly anymore.

I really could not get past the...um, elbows? Especially when I saw where a portion of the funds were going. 
At first I felt better that my kids saw the reason I was giggling right away. Then I realized that just meant I was operating with the mind of a teenager.

Speaking of teenagers, it has been a real treat trying to get the boy child to study for his final exams. (A shout out to the girl child who has been studying like crazy!) That is a global history review packet in my son's hand, maybe in case he needed to fan himself or the conversation got dull.

Masterpieces like this, from a bakery, make me think I have talent!

Hey! Remember when the appliances in my house formed a coup against us, and even roped both vans into joining the revolt? Well, here is the laundry that accumulated when I decided to wait for the repairman, instead of washing everything in hot water for another day.
Guess what? I washed all of those clothes in extremely hot water anyway because after paying the repair man over $200 for some fancy new part, and him telling me he felt cold water, the five loads I ran were mighty steamy. I am not sure if it had anything to do with the fact that the dial that I told him wasn't working was not addressed and is still not working. What do I know? Can't wait to see him again tomorrow, especially if he plans to charge me more money. 

By the way, the $600 we spent to have front rotors and rear pads and rotors brake work done on a car that wasn't squeaking, has left us with a car that now screeches and sounds like brake pads are needed. I am so looking forward to making the time to head back over there too!

In better news, even though this platter left the house this morning, I made cookies...
I used the last of my doilies from Ames to line the tray. Yes, Ames, the store that went out of business in 2002.

I think the best example of how far away my mind has drifted would be how baffled I was concerning how bad my hair was looking. I mean, I knew the gray was not doing me any favors, but remained perplexed as to why I was having trouble achieving a pleasing style for the past few weeks. I had really liked how it looked before that. So stumped. I started to think maybe it was time to just go very short again. I was lamenting to a friend who mentioned that it certainly was longer than I usually had it. Boom, there it was! I FORGOT THAT PEOPLE GET THEIR HAIR TRIMMED! My preoccupation with everything else somehow infiltrated the part of my brain responsible for thinking about basic grooming. I checked the calendar yesterday, and I hadn't had a hair appointment in four months. A phonecall was made and a box of color rinse was opened. I wasn't sure, at first, if the color was quite right, but knew that gray was completely wrong. It would have been better if I noticed the dye on my foot, from when the bottle flew out of my hands, before I wandered around the bathroom and onto the light beige bedroom carpet. I then took myself to the hairdresser, where I explained my absence. She set to work fixing more than my straggliness by letting me feel like a superhero...by laughing with me and temporarily providing me with my very own cape, that even hid my gut while I was seated! Suffice to say, I made my next appointment before leaving...

Maybe this was my first step in a better direction!
Please note: This is the after picture.

Thanks to Stacy for hosting the random!


  1. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OK, where to begin? I suppose the beginning is best... ;)

    Fozzy is adorbs! Especially gazing at all those pretty bubbles... And that panda is also adorbs - totally a better obsession to switch to from the monkey.

    That doll made me giggle uncontrollably - and even more so when it seems I thought the same thing you did. ;)

    Way to go on the studying to the girl child - did the boy child end up using that packet in his hand for fanning or studying? ;)

    UGH! That washer repairman better not charge you since he never fixed what he was supposed to in the first place!

    Double UGH on the brake snafu! Hope that gets fixed right, too - at no extra cost to you!

    I didn't realize Ames closed down! I used to shop there all the time when I lived in NY - they closed the year Princess Nagger was born...we'll blame her for that. ;)

    I'm laughing hysterically at your hair debacle (with you, not at you) you look marvy in the after photo! ;) Did you schedule your next appointment about 5 weeks out? ;)

    Talking Dumpsters and Crap and Whacked Elbows in a Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel kinda way.

  2. Your news has devastated me. No more creepy baby monkeys?? Say it ain't so! You have been momentarily blinded by the panda. (Who in my opinion could never compete with creepy monkey).
    I had to look twice at the other doll.......then....OMG.....hahahaha. Not sure how I missed "them" the first time.

    P.S. I have scheduled hair apps every 5 weeks or else I scare people

  3. Wow. That was indeed a lot of random. And those cookies turned out wonderfully!! They look delicious. And oh my, Ames. What a flash from the past! Way to ration out those things. But . . . NOW what will you do? Might be time for a trip to Target, yes? ;)

  4. Your son will do fine on the exam--boys seem to learn through osmosis. That's my theory, anyhow.

    Interesting cake you have there. It looks like I made it!

    The panda gets my vote, but the Pillsbury magnets? Priceless!

  5. You sure have an eventful life. I hope your daughter does well after all that studying and that your son doesn't flunk anything. And just wait until those hair trims it's hard to keep up with become dye-jobs to cover the gray. Oh joy. o.o

  6. I can't tell ya how much I needed this post...I needed a laugh, until I started laughing. My tummy still hurts like heck....so now I'm laughing and crying.....

    That poor excuse for a father's day cake.....I pity the poor dad who ended-up with that one.

    And what's with the armless Japanese doll? Does breast cancer lead (in some cases) to arm amputations? OMG! I don't get it....

    Mayhap you should order a bunch of the creepy monkeys and PIng LI to eat the gremlins around your house...everything's broken! Or maybe they could scare away the *horrible* repairmen you've been cursed with...Pay no more money until everything works, my dear....

    Bless your heart....


  7. Oh, and why is Fozzie medicated??? Did I miss something???

  8. You know what? I hate spending money on my hair, which is why I let it grow out. I figured out that I hate having longer hair worse than I hate spending money.

  9. 1. I want to be on what Fozzie is taking.

    2. It seems that I also have the mind of a teenager.

    3. KIRRA!!

    4. Your hair looks lovely and shiny.

    5. I'm off to drink some gin. :)

  10. Your hair looks fabulous! And really, how does one choose between Ping Li the panda and the dough boy?

  11. Love your hair! Sorry about the appliance-car revolt. How hideous of them to gang up on you like that! Stay away from the mail order toys...you'll never get off a kazillion mailing lists if you buy even one thing...trust me...
    Tina @ Life is Good

  12. How about a post on the Space Center?

  13. Something about that bakery masterpiece made me think of the Cake Wrecks site. I'd guess you have see this but if not it's well worth a chuckle. www.cakewrecks.com