Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Before I get started, I need to publicly wish the Foz a Happy Belated Birthday!
Now he can go back to being grumpy for whatever his usual reasons are. (You can find some of them here, here, and here.)

Breakfast anyone? This is no Seinfeld episode we've got ourselves here.
Wait! I can explain...The husband eats cereal every weeknight for a snack (he goes crazy and has it for breakfast on the weekends). He also cannot resist a good sale if he has a coupon to go along with it. Oh, and I am trying to lower my cholesterol. Yeah, you're right, none of that really justifies the twenty-four boxes, but it is our record.

Target, what gives? You have already left me rattled by putting all of those $3.00 items in your dollar spot. Now this?

Sure those bowls are cute, but not creepy monkey cute, so please explain that price tag.

My son brought home these abstinence "It can wait" rings that AT&T provided to his school for junior day. 
It is not that I have a problem with, nor disagree with the message, but I am not convinced that the AT&T logo and style of the rubber (poor word choice, but they are what they are) got the idea across. I have heard no reports of these appearing in school any day after the initial handout. 

Since we are talking 'bout sex baby, this guy wanted to wave "hello"...
At least that is what my daughter and her friends from the seventh grade health class think this drawing looks like when you view it upside down. (I find it hilarious right side up as well, by the way.) Our house was surveyed, and we had no choice, really, but to agree with her. That is some sort of bedazzled gingerbread man. (Here is where I admit to having never heard of Cowper's gland before.) I warned everyone to "not get testes" at the kitchen table when the health packet appeared again. My daughter said there was one boy in her class who was biting on his notebook and banging his hand on the table to keep from laughing during their most recent lesson. Even my husband lost it on that one. There is no happy place imaginable that could keep a straight face on me if I had to teach that lesson. I am not proud. I was sort of peer pressured into screening the fifth grade puberty video before my son watched it. Since my friend actually obtained the DVD, I asked my son if he wanted to see it before watching it with his class. (My secret rationale was so that he would know when to brace up.) Suffice to say, I stood behind the chair he was sitting in literally biting the inside of my arm to keep it together. Did I mention that I am not proud? Because I am not.

Go check on Stacy to see if she is behaving...


  1. I love that Foz was patient enough to have a birthday hat placed upon his head while a picture was snapped. :)

    I thought we kept too much cereal on hand, but you win!! :) And our hubby's must be related, since mine likes to eat cereal as a snack, too. :)

    AHAHAHAHA! Now when Princess Nagger eventually brings that same drawing home, I'll be referring to it as a bedazzled gingerbread man. And thanks for the tip - when I'm in that same scenario with the DVD and all, I'll be biting the inside of my arm to keep myself from laughing. ;)

    Summer Break Has Begun with Boredom Already Setting In, Teen Flip Flop Entrepreneur and a Cool Mascot: RTT Rebel

  2. Yep. If you let your eyes go a little squinty, it totally looks like a guy waving at you. I hope you told your daughter that she was not allowed to let any guys "wave" at her any time soon! ;)

  3. Where should I begin! First, Happy Birthday Foz. And I thought I was bad with 4 open cereal boxes.....4.....not 24. It is kind of impressive (hum, in a hoarders sort of way). Lol. Now, the "rubber" rings and the creepy gingerbread man penis.......lets just say I laughed and leave it at that!!

  4. I would have bit my arm off trying not to laugh at that one. Dear God, the things I have to look forward to.

  5. I remember those sex health packets, oh the memories.

  6. All I've got tonight is: HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAAAA!!! Thanks for a fabulous laugh! Ginger bread man....;)

  7. I AM DYING!! The rubber! The wave guy! DYING!!

    I'm considering this a work-out.

  8. I inadvertently purchases one of those $3 dollar bin items just the other day! And the gingerbread man? Bwahahahahah!

  9. Of COURSE AT&T passed those rings out...they want the kids to keep those texting bills high by SEXTING not having REAL SEX!

    I'm speechless.....because I've laughed so hard at this post I'm breathless....


  10. I love your dog! So cute... and the cereal really reminds me of Seinfeld! Happy Random Tuesday on a Thursday - where does time go

  11. Soooooo glad we are beyond health class age at our house.

  12. Cereal does not last long in this house. It is devoured almost immediately by my husband and son.

    I did know about the Cowper's gland, but that is about it. I was too busy laughing at the picture!