Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Flowery random

For some reason I don't seem to have very many photos to illustrate any random tales this week, so maybe I will just sprinkle some flowers here...
...and there.

Fozzie is not sure why he is the one who has a mat to sit on when he visits the couch, as he is not the one who gets cracker crumbs and smudges of other people food all over the place. I have to say that I found myself agreeing with him the other day when I was vacuuming where a certain someone else always sits. Then again, there is the occasional danger that the Foz may be wandering around with crushed pumpkin in his hair, just looking for a place to rub it off. He is offended by the accusation, but I have proof...

I was not aware that our local Byrne Dairy chocolate milk was "world famous"! Can any of you outside of CNY confirm or deny that?

Hmmm...what else was I going to say? How about another flower while I ponder...

I have come to the conclusion that my lightweight, and often light colored, summer wardrobe is not conducive to having only one decent bra that fits. Let me clarify, that bra is white with bright purple, green and pink swirls. So there's your answer to whether I have bothered to try bra shopping again. No reason to scar anyone with a photo there, so more flowers?

Monkeys, pandas, and koalas may be adorable (and creepy) and readily available, but I guess I was reminded this week of where the Bradford Exchange's true alliances lie...
Cat lovers! 27 sculptural kitty angels? "Floating" golden halos? An impressive size of 14"? You only have six months to plan for your "Purr-fect Holiday", so get cracking!

Thanks for hosting this humid random, Stacy!


  1. Not that I'm necessarily worldly, but I've never heard of Byrne Dairy.

    And you have one of those crumb creators, too, huh? Hmmm, interesting. Does yours wipe their hands on the armrest, or is that distinctly MY treat? ;)

  2. Funny you should mention the armrest, as I saw some suspicious spots when I was vacuuming the end that "nobody ever sees"!

  3. OK, I must address the elephant in the room - how on god's green earth did Fozzie get crushed pumpkin in his hair?! :) And I totally have one of those incessant crumb makers/droppers/fill in the cracks of the living room people in my household *cough*Princess Nagger*cough* :)

    Never heard of Byrn Dairy - guess they need to make their 'world famous' milk available...oh, I don't know, world wide, perhaps? :)

    I will not be showing Princess Nagger that cat tree, because she'll totally start nagging me about NEEDING one. And when she gets obsessed with something like that, she NEVER lets up. :)

    Smiles and Grins with 10 Things to Smile About June Edition by way of RTT Rebel

  4. Haha! For some reason, I found the random inserts of flower pics hilarious. But that Christmas tree is a crime against nature itself.

    So wanted to see a picture of the bra. :)

  5. Little tufts of hair everywhere,hmmmm...anybody? As for the brassiere...it's summer Momma!!!Love the flowers. Yours?

  6. Lets focus on the bra. Really? I want to see it. Not necessary for you to model it ;). A random pic on laundry day will suffice

  7. The appropriately placed flowers with your comments was great. Too funny! And I'm with Uncorked - how did pumpkin get all up in Fozzie's face hair???

  8. I am a cat lover, but that cat tree is hideous. Totally ruins the spirit! That means that I must have three.

    Maisy is our little Hoover vacuum, and takes care of most crumbs, at least for now.

    I was just looking in my bra drawer, contemplating summer! Great minds, my friend...

  9. I'm all happy & enjoying the flowers and Fonzie and WHAM-O. You give me really ugly cat ceramics.

    What next?

    A crocheted toliet paper cover?

  10. I just don't get that Bradford Exchange. I would love to sit in one of their R & D meetings to see how in the heck they choose their products. Seriously, I think it could be a fantastic idea for a reality TV show....

    WTH is Fozzy doing in crushed pumpkin, poor baby....

    Flowers! I love flowers!!! We had a lovely flower garden in Arizona that I miss. Now we only grow three hanging on the side of this mountain: knockout roses which are really fake ones; hydrangeas; and camellias that are dwarfs and will not grow!

    I want a flower garden, darn it!


  11. I'm afraid I've never heard of your chocolate milk. But then I'm really on the other side of the world from you...