Friday, December 2, 2016

Where's my shelf?!

What happened? She may think it's only been two weeks since a new blog post rolled through this place, but that's fourteen weeks in dog time! Figures it would have to be me to get things back on track. Are you ready to deck those halls, fry those latkes, get out that festivus pole, or whatever suits your fancy this season? Well, I am just filled with wonder... in I wonder what other joy lies in my future. I have something other than coal in mind for their stockings this year.

** Please note: No Fozzies were harmed in the taking of that picture.**


  1. Are you dressed as an elf? I'm afraid to ask what you plan for the stockings.


  2. Well, aren't you the most handsome little elf!

  3. Lol no one puts Foz on a shelf. I bet he's ready to make mischief! The elves around here always cause trouble! You look adorable, Foz!

  4. Snazzzzzzy, Foz! You've got that mischievous elf look in your eye. Looooove it!