Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Random reflections

I am trying to pretend that I don't know that our air conditioning is on the fritz. I certainly didn't want to call in for Labor Day holiday rates, and the nights were cool enough to keep things decent inside until later in the afternoon when the temperatures were due to start dropping any way. However, today it is humid...ick. Although I am not sure I can blame my fidgetiness completely on the moisture in our midst, as there is something else in the air...AMERICAN IDOL FEVER..woo hoo! We are catching it tonight! My step-mother and I cannot wait to to see the smiles on my daughter's and her friend's face as they take in the sounds of their favorite contestants. (Um, my bathroom visit is planned for Deondre's arrival on the stage.) As long as our desire to see them happy wins out over any embarrassing dance moves we might be tempted to involve ourselves with, I think it will be awesome.

Sometimes when I fear I might completely lose my mind, I can almost feel myself drowning...
(No Barbies were harmed in the making of this post.)
Other times, I am filled with a peaceful bliss as I watch all of my cares sail away with it...
Why no, I don't know what you people are having for dinner. Bye now.

I was so flattered that the guy puttering around in the trunk of his van on the left thought he had left ample room for me to get into my driver's seat in the van on the right. I did make it, but only because I could not have cared less about any door dings I risked inflicting upon his automobile..

Did you ever wonder how a very certain coffee place feels about your special requests? Right back at you barrista!
(We were not immediately informed that my father had indeed ordered French Vanilla.)
I made some hot pepper jelly last night, but I am not including a photo of the filled jars. Instead, this photo goes out to the wonderful Empress at Good Day Regular People. She recently asked if I could include a picture of my dust bunnies, to sort of balance out the homemade goods that had been on display. To assure both her, and the rest of you, that I am keeping the bar just as low as ever, I present this...
...yes, that is a Cheerio ever so gently suspended in a cobweb on my kitchen baseboards. I did not crochet those cobwebs, nor did I bake that toasted oat ring myself. I am fairly certain I impressed our company when instead of getting the vacuum cleaner or a cloth, I hunched down on all fours with my camera. 

Speaking of webby things, I giggled yesterday when my father told me to be careful poking at a spider, as I did not know what kind it was. Yeah, ha, ha. I promptly told the tale to my step-mother who agreed. Whaaaaat? I seriously had no idea that poisonous spiders were available in our neck of the woods, in part because I never asked. Spiders were one fear I didn't really have, so why would I have taken the effort to gather information that might've changed all that? Well, upon further investigation by my arachnexpert (and her knowledge of how to google things really quickly), we discovered that the object of my fascination was a wolf spider...a poisonous wolf spider, complete with Union Jack markings on his body...
...yet I still couldn't tear myself away. It was like I had met a celebrity.

Stacy has been having her own spider adventures, so stop by to check out what tangled web of random she's weaving!


  1. I can't even write this I am so freaked out about the spider I hate spiders. Love the French Vanilla and what the hell happened to Barbie's head?

  2. OK first, the icky spider pic was unnecessary. Just reading the word gave me ample goosebumps. But you poked it? Poisonous or not......aaccckkkkk.
    PS - Love the cheerio. that laugh almost made up for the spider pic.

  3. OK, I have to ask - what's with the poor headless Barbie? Where on earth did her poor head go?! :)

    I hate when people park that close - and especially when they park closer like the moron did to me at Mount Rushmore. Some people really are clueless, aren't they?

    I'm giggling over your suspended cheerio - and especially your disclaimer. ;)

    Ewwwwwwww! You are just as bad as me, poking at a spider not knowing if it's poisonous or not. They give me the creeps. 'Cuz they're creepy. :)

    Creepy Spider, Homework Fun, Young Lady vs. Ma’am, Vanilla Coke Shortage, Secret Chocolate Stash and Dino Twitter – RTT Rebel

  4. I used to watch American Idol pretty regularly, but now that the judges have totally taken a change for the worse, this may be Idol's final hooray. No Randy Jackson save for in a mentor's role? Pffftttt! I dislike the new judges one and all. However, I will watch the first few episodes if only to watch the psychos who think they ca sing.

  5. I now forgive you for all those crafty posts that left me feeling inferior. Cheerio on a cobweb is clearly your watershed moment. You, my friend, are a genius (said without an ounce of irony, but instead with sincere appreciation for your ability to find humor EVERYWHERE).

    1. I am thinking of leaving it there to keep me humble...not just because I am too darn lazy to vacuum my own house, or too fearful of what else I might find lurking under the cabinets!

  6. Beautiful spider! I'm glad you weren't bitten!

    And your suspended cheerio did me good. I don't feel so alone in the world. ha ha!

  7. Gorgeous spider! I thought that the only poisonous spiders in the U.S. were the black widows and the brown recluse(with those names, who can blame them?), but I know that we have wolf spiders all over the back yard, so yikes!

    American Idol is so much fun at the beginning!

  8. Hahaha! A woman not afraid to photograph her dust bunnies, is a goddess in my book! You ROCK Andrea! :D

  9. You cute thing.


    I love you, hard.

  10. Thank you for sharing your dust bunnies. I feel so much better about myself now. ;)

  11. I can't believe that you, Stacy and I all randomed about spiders! Too icky of us!

    1. Is it a sign? Should I spend the rest of my life as an arachnophobe, or just watch Spiderman this weekend?

  12. Is that Barbie headless? :0 I have been clearing out spider webs from our house, too, and I am OCD, so what gives with the spiders? I called our bug man and asked him what the heck???? And he said it's because of all the rain we are having....

    I called BS on that and he had better be coming back to our house next week!!!