Friday, September 14, 2012

52 Weeks of Happiness - Week 27

Ok, ok, ok, so I don't do the dance of joy when the big yellow bus rolls down the street in early September. It's no big secret. However, as the kids get older, I do feel a sense of hope and enthusiasm for the adventure that lies ahead for each of them. That is not to say that I was/am completely dread-free, but this is the happy place, so I am looking for it...digging deep and finding the happy!

I am happy that my tenth grader humored his mother by bringing the new Lego folder she bought him.
10th grade
I am so happy that people were willing to smile before 8:00 a.m.
7th grade
I am ever so happy that I have so many photos to look back at the moments I swore I would never forget. It makes them so much more vivid, while serving as some sort of proof that all of that time has gone by.
Jet pack set for Kindergarten
I hope this one makes you smile too.
Look out preschool
I am also happy that I could do much better than the 2009 flashback photo in last week's apple pictures...2003, baby!
3 and 6
This is such an awesome adventure that Leigh is leading us on, stop by her place to see what made other folks happy this week!


  1. Very sweet. BTW some of my friends danced in the streets when the bus pulled away :)

  2. Adorable!! I can't believe how fast time goes looking at my kids--it's insane!! Great post!

  3. OMG!!! Those are such beautiful pony tails on that little Pre-K child! Also, I like the Lego folder, too! Such fun and fancy school supplies were not on the list for us this time, but I am hopeful for next year.

  4. Such adorable back to school photos! DId you see that mom doing her happy dance as the bus pulled away with her kids? It was on YouTube and it was hysterical.

    I have to tell ya that ninth grade is kicking our butts!!! There seems to be a huge academic gap between eighth grade and ninth grade....I wish our school system would align the curriculum already!!! :/

  5. Passing along an award to you!!! Drop by to check it out!

  6. All the pics made me smile......Thanks for the well wishes for my pops

  7. Real sweet of you to make memories to go back to. Every first day of school is a memorable one. Had a great time reading your post. Thanks.
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