Wednesday, September 2, 2020

The random made me do it

I noticed a bunch of nonsensical photos on my phone and pondered what made me take them to begin with, and then I remembered...THE RANDOM! In an effort to make the not so heralded return even more random, and certainly having nothing to do with my excessive level of laziness yesterday, I thought a random Tuesday post showing up on Wednesday was definitely the be. So let's go for a spin, shall we!

Or maybe we could go for a scenic walk along a creek, stopping to check out the view at conveniently placed benches...
...where we can stare into the weeds that block the view of the creek. Each bench was "better" than the last!
Talk about not being able to see the forest for the trees. Speaking of details of a problem, if 2020 was candy...
...and if it's a joke, I fell for it-and hard! I have looked for these twice at Walgreen's already (because that is where the article says they will be). This is a level of gross I need in my life! What if this is destined to replace my long lost peanut m&m addiction? (Well for starters I will be out of luck before the doldrums of winter actually arrive considering the seasonal aspect of this confection.) I also can't resist the notion that this could be another Willy Wonka Violet moment as I turn into the dinner! Oompa-Loompas, take me away! And as long as we are eating our feelings (and crossing it off the to-do list), it was nice of Baker's Treat to do the hard math...
...just on the very off (insert sarcastic font) chance that I was indeed going to eat the whole  box. 

I have been passing this billboard for quite some time now, and it cracks me up every time. I finally pulled over so I could snap a pic to share with you.
Do you think the hair loss came first, or was the acronym so stellar that he shaved his head? What good fortune he had that the domain name was not already taken! "What do you look for in a divorce lawyer?" "Definitely not a full head of hair!"

Now just look into these BEE-you-ti-full eyes!!
Oh, Kicks...
...I feel you, but today was just for nonsense. And just like that, we're least for now...Thank you so much for joining me! I miss you when I'm not here, and even more when you aren't.


  1. Oh friend, I needed this today.
    I just wrote in the comments of my other friend's blog about how she (and you) remind me of my "aunt" Chris who is no longer with us. She was quirky in the best way and I swear she would have loved you so much. You and her would have been kindred spirits. You are saving me during this pandemic, that is for sure.

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