Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Random (lack of title ideas)

I think I went four weeks without peanut m&m's, and when I had some today, I did not truly enjoy them! So now I feel like a...
Or just...
I wanted to believe that this flag was not spelled incorrectly.
May I present exhibit A?
I only have this view because if you made eye contact these ladies approached too closely, too quickly for my daughter's liking, and we had just narrowly escaped the worst version of the Statue of Liberty ever. I wonder how this little friend enjoyed his city visit!
 We saw these at the thruway stop today...
...I do appreciate the alternative to folks leaving pets in hot cars...
...but I can't help thinking there is room for error. Maybe it is all a ploy developed by some nefarious cats?
Just when I started to get bored with the lack of offerings in my weekly coupon sections, the facebook ads that keep popping up have become even more aggressive...
 ...and creepy! Dammit! Mary was my favorite of the Ingalls, and now she has been sullied! I hope none of my other childhood favorites turn to crap-
Come. On. Granted neither thing smells good. Of course there was never brown play-doh when I was trying to make realistic hamburger patties back in the day. 

If you're looking for me, I'll have my nosed buried in a book that cannot be judged by its cover.


  1. I need to ask you to start titling my posts.
    Or write them.

  2. Cats are always up to something.


  3. darn, that woman in Times Square stole my costume idea.

  4. There is nothing wrong with blue hamburgers patties.

  5. Is that picture in the city one of those: find all the things that are out of place?

  6. That's why I got off Facebook....at least I like the adds on Instagram!


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