Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Random remnants

Look at who all of those random flowers from last week attracted...

Just in case things gets slow again this week, I made sure to have more...

In the event that you have come down from yesterday's sugar high, and need a little pick me up, I found one more secret stash in my bedroom closet. See that gold box?
Oh yes, those are caramel cashew turtles from Christmas. If things have gotten bad enough for a girl to hide in her closet, she deserves a decent snack while she's in there.

More treats needed? I stopped worrying about whether the icing was hardening on the cookies when I found out how well it had set on the counter.
 Help! I'm seeing stars!!!

Your heart is bleeding, I know.

Take a moment to be dazzled by this swirly pattern, then see if you can remember what it might be from.

My friend went to Florida, and all I got was this lousy airport picture...
Wait a second, that may be the finest souvenir ever! The red jacket with the dress shirt hanging out the back is awesome, but those are reportedly denim bike shorts on the bottom half. Like jeggings, but shorts. First class all the way!
You look at this, while I go see if I can find out what is calling my name from the freezer!
 Very difficult to concentrate with that racket.

 More random over at Stacy's place!


  1. I'm just gonna take a stab in the dark, but I'm guessing you are still in the midst of that sugar high???
    (OMG that airport pic is priceless)

  2. I'm wondering if he just wears those under his pants and when he arrives at his destination, or gets too hot, he just whips off the pants and voila . . . bike shorts. Strangeness!

  3. Of COURSE you baked the cookies!!! I see the evidence, LOL! WIth cookies like that who needs turtles in their closet???

  4. The swirly pattern just told me to eat more cookies.

  5. I have lilies like that but no outfit like that...person at the airport...thanks for cheering me up!
    Tina @ Life is Good